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This year we added 3 more "barred rock" chicks to our flock. One of them turned out to be a sex link and another one turned out to be a barred rock rooster. I've been scouring the internet to see what the typical temperament of the barred rock rooster is and have come across varying opinions, of course. But, the thing I find most confusing is that alot of people have said that their rooster didn't mature for almost a year. My guy is just 4 months old and he's already trying to mount the hens. The 2 younger hens are not even laying eggs yet. This rooster is already huge and now he's really skittish around me.  He does this funny little dance when I squat down to get his water feeder and his food dish. I'm getting a little leary of turning my back on him.

  I read a post somewhere that recommended trimming his spurs but, I don't know anything about that and I don't know that he even has spurs at this point.

  Could someone with alot more experience than me please tell me what to expect or look for. I'm thinking I shouldn't be keeping this rooster. I have separated him from the hens b/c he doesn't give them a minute's rest.  He's frustrated and noisy. What are the chances I can find him a home where he can be happy?


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