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Good morning.... Does anyone here know much about Banty breed hens? And yes I know its prob spelled wrong!!!  Anywho, we picked up 2 hens that were about 2 days old about 2  months ago and Ive since lost both of them... they cowered and always hunched down and just didnt really take to growing like my red hens,,, 

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I have four banties with my first set of 15 chicks.  I gave them all them same care bantie or large breed and I really couldn't tell they were banties till about a 4 months of age.  Mine seemed to grow the same as the others.  
We have a surprise package from the hatchery out of 41 chicks two are smaller and dont seem to be getting bigger than the rest not sure what they are yet but wondering if they are quail.  The chicks that I know are banties are growing right along the same as the rest of the 39 chicks.  I'm wondering if there were something wrong already with the ones you purchase/received.  If you get more just electrolyte or sugar water when you get them and watch your temperature.  crumbled up scrambled eggs will help get them off to good start.  dont give up.  I love my chickens.  I am teased saying I have bird on the brains.  




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