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Advice needed. I"m not sure what I should do or if I should do anything?

I purchased baby chicks in Feb.  and thought I had a rooster with them but we sexed it wrong and so I ended with 15 girls.  I Have a mixed flock of both large and bantam (more large)My boyfriends grandfather and I went to an auction yesterday.  I bought one Australorp rooster born in March.  He purchased two silkies. (Thought he got one male one female) BOTH ROOS!!  Now I have 3 roos and my GIRLS are chasing and biting at my young australorp and one of the silkie roos.  Plus that same silkie roo is biting on the neck of the young australorp.  The poor young australorp only wants to be accepted.  He tries to walk over into the group but they chase him away.  He stands alone. How  do I get them accepted by my girls and what should I watch for when deciding if and which one of the silkie roos to get rid of?

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You definitely have too many roosters for the number of hens that you have. Getting rid of two of them will help to keep the peace. keep the one that all the other roosters keep away. That means he doesn't think he's the top rooster, and if you maintain that place for him in your flock, you have a good chance of having a rooster that won't be human aggressive. (you should hold the "top roo" position in your flock.) Once you remove some of the testosterone in your flock, you should see peace again. :)

I would get rid of the silkies first. Too much testosterone.

It's always best to quarantine  new livestock for a week or so to make sure you're not introducing disease or illness into your healthy flock.

You might try putting the aussie into a dog crate for a couple days. Put the crate into the coop during the night, while the hens are all snoozy, and keep them all in together. That way they can get used to him but can't bully him--they've been defending themselves against intruders, and they need to learn he's ok. After they've had24-36 hours to adjust to one another, give him a nice little section of the fenced run they all share, so they have a chance to move around naturally. You'll  notice that a few of the girls will drift around closer to him than not, and after a couple of days you can give them all free range together. Just make sure that he knows you are always boss--and you might have to get pretty physically aggressive with him--so he doesn't get aggressive with you. In fact, ALL the people at your house, esp the kids, should make sure he knows he's low on the totem pole. No one should have to fear him. If  he gets domineering, you will need to take strong measures.

well I still have not gotten rid of any of my roos yet.  But I do still plan too.  My australorp stays next to my white silkie roo at all times.  I have noticed that all three roos have been sleeping on the floor in the coop while all my girls take the roost.  Even tho I have three tiers to my roost they all want to be on top.  plenty of room for the roos.  The bullying has stopped but they seem to stay segregated between the boys and girls.  (adolescents).  My boyfriends grandfather ordered the surprise package from cackle hatchery.  Curious what will come of that.  Thinking about trading my bantams for larger breed.    He is mainly wanting the hens to help hatch guinea eggs.  

thank you for everyones advice! 

While they are still young, you will most likely not see much more aggression, but trust me. It is coming.

I totally agree with you.  I am  just waiting for grandpa to get his surprise package from the hatchery before sending him back the silkie roos he bought for my girls.  I dont want them to be the only roos at his place with all 12 of his guineas.  

ugh!  I kept hearing a chicken making a funny noise like it was tryin to crow thought maybe it was my young australorp but NOOOO it was NOT him.  My daughter informed me today that one of my favorite looking girls (so I thought was a girl) kept crowing today.  I am so sad.  I dont want to get rid of him or my australorp and my daughter dont want to get rid of the silkie grandpa bought for them either.  I have way to many roos.  They must go.  But which do I take to grandpas?  I will eventually go to auction with the rest of the roos from our surprise package.   boo whoo i'm so sad.




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