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Well, we had a work party to work on our porch, and many people showed up.  We got the new porch roof framed in and figured out.  I made lots of food and we had beer at 5pm.  It was great fun. Our group is now having rotating work days where we all get hellp on our projects.

So my faith in community is being restored.

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Hi Julie, so glad to hear that the community came through for you this time!  Yay for the new porch roof!  And really, most of all, thankfully you guys enjoyed your group work day... and it sounds like you were able to articulate a way for everyone to get what they need, while giving too.  Great job getting that straightened out!

hey, somehow this new thread didn't get delivered to my inbox. i just found it. i'm so glad to hear you had an up. community living has some low points for sure, when it seems like everyone and humanity just sucks. but the high points can be so deliriously high. when everyone forgets the bickers and really pitches in, that feeling of belonging to a force is heady and wonderful.
congrats. porches also are one of the best things in the entire world.




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