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Welcome faithful readers and new friends. Y'all can have yer page on Faceb**k too, but doesn't this one feel so much more relaxing? Surrounded by gardens and jars, instead of pop bands and ads?

I love the idea that all you punk housewives out there who've been covertly or overtly following my blog can now really get into it together. Let's crack a few beers and talk shop!

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Hey what's up in Nawlins?  Did you know that Festival Internationale de Lousiane is at the end of April in Lafayette?  It's really cool.  There are free kids activities and the music is all free.


Mmmm... cold beer... yup... I'm in! :)

Hey Jane,

How was the move?

Oh but that I could call myself a punk housewife.  I'm more your crusty ex-pat N.Y. still-talking-about-woodstock householder with grown kids and a husband who can't figure out what I do all this stuff (interminally slow learner).  But I'm digging what's happening and I'd love to know more about how all this really works for you.


You know, I know, that you know, that there was the first book.  Now I'm thinking about the workbook cause I know going backwards and taking on all the skills and trades to make this work is hard when added to all our other commitments and lures of modernity.


So past the vision and the narratives are the real tools of home-ec.  The budgets, the timelines, the storage, the meal planning.  In essence, the nuts and bolts of a functioning home economy.  So where do you get stuck.  I'm wondering.  I got some ideas. 

What does make one a punk housewife? I'm an odd mix of working mother, 4 days a week, and crazy over the top homemaker the other 3 days... I live in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver, I glean from alleys, but sometimes I wear suits and scare the crap out of myself! HA!

It's interesting, this need to either fit in or purposefully exclude one's self from the mainstream world. I'm pretty happy now that I've decided to just go with the parts of each world that I like and enjoy, and ignore the others. I'm not cool, in either world, and that's just fine. I feel so much more confident in myself after I accepted that and moved on :)

Isn't life nicer when you more self-sufficient, too? I feel a little more in control of my world, and my home.
I've always been drawn toward seeming paradoxes. Welcome!

Calamity Jane said:
I've always been drawn toward seeming paradoxes. Welcome!




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