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I am so excited my husband and I just ordered our first hive and I just found my bees.  WaaHoo.  We have been reading and reading but I would love to know some tips from some first hand bee farmers.


Let me know anything you think I might need to know.




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The best advice I could give you is to join a local bee keepers club in your area if you haven't already done so


Leon Hale

Congratulations Christene - you're a beekeeper!

Be sure to read this awesome Beekeeping 101 (The First Year) that Megan from Brooklyn Homesteader wrote. And have fun!

Read, read, read, and read some more.  Also, join the local beekeeper's association or at a minimum find a seasoned beekeeper that can come along on your first hive inspections.  Read some more.


This is my first year too, we're starting 2 langstroth hives with 5 frame nucs instead of packages. Can't wait, the first nuc arrives in 2 weeks.




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