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Has anyone put in a mushroom garden i'm researching it now anod would to hear about others trials and such.



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I do by default!  My raised garden beds are filled with Mushroom compost...we were so wet and gloomy this spring I had a wonderful crop of button mushrooms! 

We set up a button mushroom bed a few months ago. I'm not entirely sure how it's going to do. We're using horse and rabbit manure mixed in with horse bedding (rice hulls). It's definitely and experiment.

We have just recently put in a King Stropharia garden in a shady spot of our yard. We're using Aspen pet bedding for it. We still need to hook up water to it. I hope it produces for us!

My husband is doing log culture in a shade-house we built- this is our 3rd year. We have shiitake and oysters that are producing, and started reishi, maitake, chicken-of-the-woods, and lion's mane this Spring.


It's pretty labor-intensive to get setup, we've had many logs fail (never produce), and watering the logs 3 times a day while they are flushing gets old, but the payoff is great! The flavor and aroma of a really fresh mushroom is incredible, and we get enough to sell the excess poundage to our local co-op for a good price :)


I have had some Morels suddenly "pop" up in my yard this spring. Not sure if it is from cutting an old tree down or the rabbit droppings from the new rabbits that we just got. Maybe both. Gotta love it!

@ Sheri: Have you blogged about your logs i'd love to see pictures of your set up. Have you tried portabellos?  I would love to can them so i have them in the winter.


@ Melissa: That is so neat I wish I could have some just pop up I keep hiking and looking for them but never find any.  :( One of these days I'm sure I will the search is the adventure. 


@ Rachel: How did you set up your bed? Buttons are one of the kinds I've wanted to do too. What is a King Stropharia garden? I'm intrigued!


@ Lynda: That is great I'd love that surprise all the mushrooms that I've spotted this year were the non ediable kind..

@Mud Pies,  Sorry, no blog or pictures of our shade house setup. It's basically just shade netting over a wood frame. But here's a pic of shittake (under netting before we built the shade house). I have only grown portabellos in a box kit- Haven't seen them available as plug spawn for log culture.


Thanks Sheri I'll let you know how mine work out!




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