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Anyone know a flea remedy that actually works and doesn't have all the chemicals? I don't mind bathing the animals, but I don't like the harsh chemical small :)

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I tried every homemade remedy I could find with very little to no success.  Bathing in Dr. Bronner's, letting the soap sit on the dog for a while before rinsing off helped rid (a little at least) of immediate fleas, but they just came right back.

There is now a product out that you can get called 'Comfortis.'  It is only for dogs though.  It is all natural (or at least it works naturally) and is a pill that you give to them once a month.  We're in VA and the past few years have been BAD for fleas.  This works wonders.  I haven't seen any adverse reactions.

A bath will get the fleas off every time it's keeping them off that stinks!  I use lemongrass, Cinnamon,  and Pennyroyal essential oils in jojoba oil on my dog. ( But no pennyroyal for pregnant animals or cats.)  I spray it on her back and massage it in once or twice a week in the summer.
oooo, I like the oils thing. No pennyroyal tho (I'm the one pregnant, lol). I wonder if Dr. Bonners and then the oil would work... Thank you SO much ladies!
Thanks Phil! I'm never sure about garlic... It seems that part of remedies is like articles on red wine and coffee for humans, lol.

Phil said:

Hello!  I have become a big fan of DE, Diatomaceous Earth.  I make my own dog treats and include it in the mix and I add it to my chickens water to control internal parasites and worms; I dust my chickens and my dogs and cats with it to control external parasites (fleas, mites, etc.); I dust the chicken nesting boxes with it; I let it sit in my carpet for days, also, to get anything that might be trying to hang out there.  I dust my veggie plants with it.  AND, I take it myself.  Hope this helps....


I can vouch for Diatomaceous Earth I put it on the lawn, around the door ways and the carpet.  Had no idea it came in food grade thanks for that:)

It's uses just seem to be endless.  I used it as a facial one evening and my skin felt wonderful.  The shipping is what kills me and nobody sells food grade locally.  When I discuss it with store employees and such, they are completely lost.  The site link that I posted encourages you to buy large and sell it yourself to get the DE movement going and I think that I'm about to do that, just to keep myself in it or at least pay for the shipping.


I'm glad that I could help!  Have a Blessed Day!

First, food grade?! Awesome! Second, DE, duh! Totally didn't think about that, lol. And here we were just telling a friend about putting around doors for the sugar ants and such, lmao!  I blame the pregnancy for my utter brilliance, lol :) Thanks so much!
Just called our local  feed store and found out that they carry it (even food grade)! When we move to TN, our feed store peeps will have to come along, lol
Who doesn't love a happy ending! What a great testament to the incredible resource our Homegrown community is! Thanks everyone!

I use tea tree oil and baking soda in a bottle of water. Like tha baking soda hair wash.


But I mainly treat for fleas and ticks from the inside.




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