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What do you want to say? Need help with HOMEGROWN button ideas - book & T shirt giveaway!

We're almost out of our current array of buttons - "In Farmers We Trust" were scooped up the quickest, and there are only a few "Resurrect The Potluck" and the watermelon guy left. What would YOU put on a HOMEGROWN button?
Over the next week, post your ideas here in this discussion. The sayings that we choose will win either a copy of Carleen Madigan's new book the Backyard Homestead or a HOMEGROWN T shirt. Thank you for your help!

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or - better yet! -


Just say no to grass!

Food not lawns

Neighbors don't let neighbors grow grass

Food in the front, party in the back: gardeners do it right!

If you can't do it yourself it's not worth doing.

Homestead Sweet Homestead

Eat what you can, can what you can't
I think it would be best if you kept it simple..."I am HOMEGROWN", maybe underneath it could read "in America."
It does not have to say anything else, "I am HOMEGROWN" is simple and to the point and it may raise peoples curiousity. What better way to tell them about this great website and all about Farmaid?
Wow.. so many great and fun ideas from everyone!
...a couple more ideas:

just dig it

Earth Mama/Papa (like how we describe ourselves here on Homegrown)

Connected Through Dirt

Earth/Dirt Enthusiast or Dirt Hugger

Homegrown Goddess
Seed spittin
porch sittin
Good livin
You should be more well-traveled than your food.
These are so good - thank you, everybody, for contributing to the list. It was so so difficult to pick only two of these, but I put it to a vote with the staff and we've chosen:
Loyal to Soil
Turnip the heat...Grow what you eat

Sallie Gordon and Brian Stephens are the winners of their choice of The Backyard Homestead or a HOMEGROWN T shirt
Congratulations and thank you for your brainpower!

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