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What do I do with all of this lettuce besides salad???

This week, my CSA box contains a bunch of radishes, some bok choy, pea shoots (love 'em!) and SIX gigantic heads of lettuce. I love salad as much as the next gal who's almost a rabbit, but can I make anything else with red leaf, green leaf, romaine and curly lettuce? HELP!

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Ohmygoodness - Twitter has provided a few solutions: lettuce wraps (hmmm!) lots of BLTs (YUM, but I've got a wedding dress to fit into soon) and this stunning recipe for Spring in a Bowl from Married...with Dinner. Looks amazing and will freeze well for some cheeriness in the gray of winter.
Trell Johnson said:
Create a nice hummus or tahini dip or some similar aggregate. Wrap in leaves and set out as appetizers. Also , i hear cream of lettuce soup is tasty and vegetarian, even vegan if you cream it up with soy milk. I hear also, that real rabbits really dig on it.
Thanks, Trell! Here's what I've come up with:
Tangy herbed lettuce soup
Quick-braised lettuce and peas
Scallops with tarragon cream and wilted butter lettuce

And from one joker/degenerate friend: Lettuce Opium
Off to cook up all this greenery!
Out there somewhere on the interwebs, is a lovely PETA campaign with Lettuce Dresses.. Including an amazing purple lettuce wedding dress :) I personally am not a fan of PETA, but i am a fan of ethical treatment of animals.
One of my favorite ways to use extra lettuce is Lettuce Wraps: http://www.poweredbytofu.com/2007/10/13/ill-stir-fry-you-in-my-wok/

I also made a pasta dish this week with feta and arugula... Yums!
Wow, the recipes on this site are awesome - thank you!

Tina Perricone said:
Make green smoothies. See www.rawfamily.com
Try what we did for father's day - Stuffed and LETTUCE wrapped Salmon

or do what the Chinese do: Briefly blanch clean lettuce leaves in boiling water, drain, and serve with a drizzle of seasame oil and soy sauce - it's really quite good!

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