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Last month we moved into a new apartment in Toronto.
I love gardening, we had a beautiful garden in our old house. But here, we don't have the space to grow a garden.

Then one of my friends suggested indoor gardening. I did some research and learned a few things on indoor gardening. Now I'm thinking about trying it here in my apartment.
My plan is to start with some simple plants in the living room.

I also found a good plant nursery around here. But, I would need your help in choosing the plants good for this climate. Please share your suggestions and tips on this.

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Indoor plants give a great look, mainly if you use attractive pots as well. In the beginning, we installed plastic containers in the house, but I noticed most of them are leaking water and are not much adjustable. Then, my husband brought granite pots, and we planted some veggies in them. As we place them in our kitchen near the window so they a classy look. Recently, I also coated them with one of the most reliable granite sealers to protect these pots against water and mud stains. 


Therefore, I would recommend you to grow plants or even veggies in granite pots if you are planting indoor ones. Snake Plant, Lucky Bamboo and Maidenhair Fern are considered the best indoor plants for a climate like Canada. 

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