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Is it really safe to use Organic Miracle Grow on my veggies?  I'm totally new to gardening so other than compost, I don't know how to fertilize my plants.   I'm limited to a small container garden at this time.  Any tips would be appreciated. 

Here's what I started using:


I'm also using their potting soil, but should I mix the potting mix with the potting soil? 

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I recommend visiting a local nursery (not HD) and asking them what will work for your area and such. Look into vermicomposting too. Its not expensive to set up and the worm castings are a really awesome fertilizer. In the meantime, both seaweed and fish emulsion are great plant foods that are available through a nursery. Just follow label directions for dilution amounts.
I use worm poop, seaweed, and a granular food on my plants on a fairly weekly-ish basis. Working great so far. For bugs, I use Dr Bronners peppermint soap and water in a spray bottle and neem concentrate in water in a broader application. So far so good.
Seriously I cannot recommend composting enough. There are a lot of great options including bokashi and vermicomposting that can give you quick results.

Good luck and happy gardening!

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