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It seems that everything I plant from Sunflowers to potted heirloom tomatoes and peppers, the squirrels seem to disturb them or eat them.  Is there a good way to keep them away.  These squirrels are pretty territorial and mean, being that we have the largest oak tree on the block.


Please help me figure out a way to protect my plants.  Thanks

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Hey Sarah!


The squirrels in my neck of the woods are such pests, too!  They have no fear and will scurry up to people, plants, and pets -- they seem to annoy us all!


I haven't tried any of these natural squirrel "repellents", but there is a lot of information on the web about what has worked well for others.


- Fill birdbaths with water.  Most squirrels nibble on your greens because they are thirsty.  Keeping water available my deter them from your vegetable garden!


- Plant a decoy.  Keep feeders full of seeds or nuts replenished AWAY from your garden.  The squirrels may feast on these instead of feeding on your veggies.


- Sprinkle cayenne/chili/black pepper liberally throughout your garden.  Or, make a homemade repellent by soaking cut up jalapeno peppers or garlic in water and vinegar in a spray bottle and apply to the perimeter of your garden.  But remember, waterings and rain can wash this repellent away


- Fashion a wire mesh fence to completely enclose your garden.  Squirrels can gnaw through plastic and chicken wire.


Has anyone else solved a squirrel problem? Share your tips and tricks with us!

Check out these links for more information:




Thank you, I will try these!

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