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My guinea keets are hatching so far 5 have hatched.  One of them had splayed legs.  I read if I caught it early enough it could be fixed or we would have to dispose of it.  So far I have bandaged his legs this morning and have noticed that it is now on its feet and moving around good.  Hope it continues to work.  Tomorrow is actual  hatch day they are hatching early.  The first one hatched the day I was taking the turner out.  Scared me at first till I realized what it was.  It was unexpected.  2 hatched each day but only one today.  4 more to go for this set.  24 fertile eggs to go for the 2nd round.  hope all the fertile ones hatch.  Our power went out 3 different times during incubation but the longest outage was approx. 3 hrs. and these still hatched.  We added another male to the flock hoping for a better fertility rate next round.  

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Congratulations! I don't know if that is what you were hoping for, but you do sound excited.

It is what I wanted wish they would all hatched but 5 out of nine is alright for the first time experience. 24 fertile eggs next batch we will see how many I get then. The one with sprayed legs is cured and doing great and standing tall.

My next batch of guineas are hatching.  I have 2 so far approx. 30 are fertile.  I wonder how many will hatch?




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