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I awoke this morning before the Sun had risen.  My Husband opened our bedroom window during the night, and I spent moments laying there listening to the river next to our cabin.  The silhouettes of trees and mountains played nicely against the winking stars, and soon bird songs gracefully filled the air.

I got out of bed and decided this morning was Kombucha 'harvest' time.  I had lost track of how long she had been fermenting in the cabinet (as I usually do), and went by the smell.  A beautiful golden honey color, in this batch I used a combination of orange Pekoe, black Pekoe, and green tea flavored with orange rind and sweet spice.

As I was transferring the mushrooms (I now have 3), and straining the tea, I thought of how I came to have this gift and thought of something someone had mentioned to my Mother.  A couple months ago my neighbor gifted me a Kombucha mushroom, already in the process of fermenting in a large jar with sweet little ladybug stickers on it.  She taught me the process, how to keep it and put love into the tea.  I was a bit taken back at how much love and honor was put into the entire process, and each time I harvest I usually think back to that first experience.  However, this time I was thinking of what someone had mentioned to my Mother.  My Mother lives a ways away from me, and since I've been enjoying Kombucha, she too has wanted a mushroom of her own.  I have often wondered how I could get one to her, but have not been able to make the trip to go visit (she lives out of state).  A person mentioned she could get on craigslist and perhaps purchase a mushroom from someone wanting to sell theirs.  A fine idea for some, yes.  The more I thought about this, and the more I kept going back to my experience, I thought how stale that process would be.  To 'buy' the mushroom is like purchasing a bottle of Kombucha at your local grocers.  I have done that before in between harvests and end up giving it away as it feels sacrilege, as well as tastes bland and loveless.  

My moment of enlightenment this morning was that, even in the simplest of recipes - processes - tasks - what have you, you can find Love.  Respect.  Honor.  That, one should never take the easy way, because it's something you want now.  You may just lose out on something completely breathtaking.


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Totally Agree!  Beautifully written~Can't wait to try  

Beautifully spoken...I love Kombucha!
I'm new here...add me please :)

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