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Anyone have any great ideas on keeping cats out of the garden? Our two cats have been using it as a litter box! Looking for some natural (nonharmful) ways to deter them from going in there....

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Dang critters! I've heard of people laying blackberry or raspberry brambles (basically anything with thorns) across the garden beds. Cayenne pepper could work, too!

Love the hat, by the way! :)

I use bird netting set over the top of the garden boxes until the plants are tall enough to reach the netting.   At that point I put blackberry brambles or rocks in between the rows.    Seems to work pretty well for both cats and squirrels.

Thanks yall! We tried the bird netting, and when the plants were big enough, they decided they would dig right at the base of them and conveniently use the mounds and stems... haha they are crazy cats!

We are going to try the cayenne pepper and the blackberry brambles next- thanks for the help! We love our cats, but love our veggies too! :)


(Cornelia, thanks for the kuddos on the hat!)


Has anyone read about or grown any herbs that deter them from entering the garden?

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  • Cheryl V Mitchell plant their own cat grass. kitties who pilfer gardens are lacking greens in their diet. Provide their own, they'll layoff the people food.
    5 hours ago ·
  • HOMEGROWN.org Rather than noshing, these kitties are pooping on the garden!
    5 hours ago ·
  • Cheryl V Mitchell sorry..I read that but responded to a different question! Here's a few suggestions: http://www.thefrugallife.c om/catsout.html
    5 hours ago ·
  • Woodwife Green I have my raised beds surrounded by chicken wire, so far so good
    5 hours ago ·
  • Nancy Smith Try mulching with brambly trimmings. Cats don't like walking over them.
    5 hours ago ·
  • Dianne Jerguson Sullivan I have two cats and a garden also. I put chicken wire around the garden. It's low enough for me to step over and the cats don't like to touch it. I also have some vegetables growning in large planters and I put pinecones in them.
    5 hours ago ·
  • Marie Louka I've planted twigs in the ground at about 10 inch intervals. When vegies start leafing out, you can remove them.
    5 hours ago ·
  • Joseph Antecki We used to use coursely ground up charcoal briquettes for our indoor potted plants to discourage the kitty. I don't know if it would be problematic for garden plants though, but a two foot border around the garden might work.
    4 hours ago ·
  • TarasHealthyLife Hmmm, not sure, but maybe the philosophies of keeping other animals out will help: blood meal (for rabbits and deer), noise makers or streamers, scent of a predator, we have cats and they're pretty darn smart and clever. They are also agile, we had a cat who could jump on top of a fridge, so I think a fence would have to be really tall! Good luck!
    4 hours ago ·
  • Katie Shepherd chilli powder...i sware by it....it will make their nose irritated for a bit, but my lot soon recovered x
    4 hours ago ·
  • April McGuire My cat uses our garden as a litterbox and it has never bothered us, who knows maybe we are just lucky. I can't imagine a way to keep him out of it...better outside than getting fur all over my carpet.
    2 hours ago ·

Wow thanks yall!

Yah our cats are using it as their litter box. Which wouldn't be so bad, but when you put new seeds in the ground and they dig them up and move them all around, it becomes a problem :) We put cayenne pepper in the spots they have been going and so far so good. We have wire and and fencing around the garden, but they jump it. Its great to keep our chickens out though :)

If these are your pet cats, then it is easy to keep them away from the garden. First of all, you should focus on their toilet training. Yes, with toilet training your cats will only use litter boxes for stools and pee. On the other hand, if your cats are still urinating in the garden with a clean litter box and training then better to read this article https://ourfitpets.com/health/cats-with-incontinence/ because, in my opinion, cats are suffering because of any medical issue or stress.

Honestly speaking, I am not in favour of the use of any cat repellent in gardens. However, I've tried the scent of the human's hair that successfully keep the cats away from the garden. Strong citrus scents could also be helpful. 

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