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Is it safe to eat "onion grass" that grows in your yard???

We, in my immediate family, have been having the debate of whether or not it is safe to eat the onion grass from the yard - the same onion grass that most people try to destroy.  I say that it smells like onions, looks like chives and that there's got to be a reason God created that little plant to be like that.  My husband and his family say that it's poisonous and that I'd better not chop it up on a baked potato!

Does anyone have an answer or experience with this little plant?  If so, please share....THANKS!

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There are several species of wild onion, and the corms are edible.  Edible, in this case, is defined as:  "if you can choke it down, your stomach or your lower intestines may not reject it."
That bad, really?  I've always thought that they'd be good chopped up on a baked potato, just like chives; or maybe cut up in a salad.  Hmmm....

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