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Recently i came up with a small site targeted at farmers. At the moment im looking for feedback on how to make it better. Furthermore, i would be interested in discussing how farmers can use technology in their daily activities .Thanks.

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With recent droughts, a segment on rain catchment and storage systems might be a good idea. A little late for this season, but could be helpful in the future.

Totally agree with you

Eric,  the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and its agricultural affiliate ATTRA, have a great deal of printed and website information to assist small and organic farmers.  Tufts University and Heifer International also have educational programs for small, beginning and refugee farmers.  These groups are spending millions of dollars on these training efforts, all added to what USDA has available in its agricultural library.  Please tell me why you are trying to replicate these efforts.  What kind of budget  do you have to support your work?   If you are "flush" with cash, my charity, NPI, is seeking funds for a counterdesertification technologies demonstration in Africa.  NPI would be happy to accept your donation.  For details on these technologies designed to help smallholder arid region farmers see NPI's site ... http://www.needfulprovision.org/articles/counterdesertification.php.  

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