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I am a new member of the food preservation group, hoping that i might be able to learn about doing some pickling, preserves, jams, dehydrating, etc.  does anyone here know where i am able to get those old mason jars.  my mom used to have a number of them, and i know that is a type of jar i can use for many of these food ideas.  any tips would be great since i am literally an idiot about this stuff.  thanks.

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We all started out as newbies and had help on the way. Im just paying forward the help I received. 

So i looked it up and my cucumbers are Marketmore 76 cucumbers which, according to the internet, are good for pickling!!!!  Got 'em planted, so hopefully I'll have cucumbers in 60 days!

Really I've found just about any cucumber can be pickled, just not always whole. Pick them younger than normal if a larger variety and either make them into chips or 1/4 them into spears. Really long ones like english cucumbers can make almost a pint jar full from each fruit if you spear them, which yields 8-12 spears from each fruit. Just an idea in case yours are a little big. I also find zucchini to pickle well for something a little different than standard cucumber pickles.

You can always cut them. They will still get pickled/fermented. I just started fermenting/pickling foods a month ago and it's really easy and addictive.

Take a look if you'd like: http://ourearthland.blogspot.ca/search/label/fermenting

Good luck!

Nicholas Linzenmeyer said:

the ones that i bought definitely looked smaller, and the reason i bought the ones i did was because the picture showed them with bumps on their skin...thanks for the link, and i'll look up the variety i bought to see if it's the right one.  told you, i'm a newbie :)




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