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I have an indoor cat and in need of pro maid cleaning service!

Hey, I was resetting our home garden! It has been a week since I started to replant, relocating the garden stands and resetting the pots. My yard has become a mess, home as well!
It seems a lot of work is needed to get things in the right place! I don't think I can do the cleaning alone, even if I plan to do so it will take more than two days! So to save time and efforts I go for a professional maid cleaning service. We called the same team to clean our home after my son's birthday party! I'm pretty confident about their service quality, but
this time we got a cat! I'm afraid if my cat going to get out while seeing strangers! It is an indoor cat and it isn't a people's cat!
I was almost up to book the maid service but this very thought of my cat has become the deal-breaker!
So guys, how do you handle things when you have pets at home and in need of a cleaning service? Any insight?
Please help!

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