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Hey, I'm in trouble! I have a home loan of $46k, I paid off almost 75%of it.
I bought my home in 2009 and now it worth about $165k.
My current issue is I have bad credit over three credit cards around $89k.
I'm frequently getting emails and notifications from my creditors. Currently, I'm unemployed so I can pay off my credit cards debt using my savings! Unfortunately, my only option is to go for a second mortgage on my home.
My friend has fetched me to Northwood mortgages to have a discussion on this. We had a very healthy conversation and the staff patiently answered all of my queries. I got a considerably best mortgage rate offer.
But I'm a bit scared to go for the second mortgage loan when I'm unemployed. I know I will get a better job soon, discussions are still going on with a few employers. I have an emotional attachment with my home, it has been 10 years since I live here. I don't want to lose my home at any cost, I will be only forwarding this plan if there are no other options.
Folks, please share your thoughts if you find any other alternative creative ideas to pay off my credit card debts.
In anticipation of a reply.

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