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Help please: Looking at seed catalogues and there is something I can't figure out: heirloom seeds are not necessarily organic, right? 

Is one preferable or better than the other?

Thanks y'all!

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It really depends on what your looking to do. Heirloom seeds can be saved year to year and breed true. They also help increase biodiversity and save varieties that may otherwise go extinct because they don't fit the parameters of commercial production (don't ship well, not uniform size, wrong color, etc.). 

Organic simply means that the plants that produced the seed were grown organically, which doesn't necessarily mean they are pesticide free. 

I only grow heirloom seeds. If I can get organic heirloom seeds it's a bonus but my main focus is heirloom. I will be growing those seeds beyond organically so whether that tiny seed is organic doesn't mean a whole lot to me. 

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