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I started a lot of grape vines from cuttings this year, and they're ready to set out! Turns out that starting the vines from scratch was extremely easy and I ended up with three times as many as I needed... I sold most of them on Craiglist, but I like to keep my karmic balance intact (and drag people over to my blog) by having a giveaway every week, so this week I'm giving away the last three vines!

So come on over to http://www.waldeneffect.org/20081102grapes/#cut and enter the drawing. I've also linked to a good page that tells you how to start your own grapevines from cuttings. It's really easy and worth doing for anyone who wants more fruit cheap.

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any free grape vines
free can i have some
Sorry to disappoint you, but you'll notice that I had the grape vines almost a year ago --- they're long gone now!

richy said:
free can i have some

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