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David Barrow and team have teamed up to document Austin's progress into the nation's popular local food movement. 'What if an entire city could feed itself?'

The Austin food landscape has changed. Over the past 6 years, more than a dozen farmers markets have opened, restaurants started sourcing locally, the public is purchasing and seeking out local food, and the legislature has taken notice - how do we create a good local economy?

The film will follow protagonist Brenton Johnson, of Johnson's Backyard Garden, who has grown from 1/4 of an acre to over 200 acres in the past 6 years to help feed the city of Austin. Starting a new non-profit, FarmShare Austin, to feed the 'food deserts' of Austin, Brenton will show how organic food is not only for the wealthy. The film will include other urban farmers, politicians, local food non-profits, locally-sourcing restaurants, and large grocery stories.

The film has already involved Brenton Johnson, Dorsey Barger, Glenn and Paula Foore, TX Representative Eddie Rodriguez, Judith McGreary, Ty Wolosin of Windy Hill Organics, Natural Grocers, Central Market, Whole Foods, Chef Sonya Coté, FarmShare board members, Carla Crownover, SXSW Eco and we will be interviewing many, many more including chefs, public figures and more farmers!

An update on Dec 15: We have two main parts left - How are restaurants in Austin, Texas are sourcing locally, plus what happens when a family eat an all local diet for 30 days. 

Farm-City, State will explore the social, political, and economical state of local food in Austin, Texas. A family will also endeavor into a 30 day local diet with help from local farmers, local chefs and other community members to further explore the economic impact of this lifestyle.

David Barrow produces commerical videos for various clients in/around Austin. Drawing from a background in educational, science documentaries with National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and the Smithosnian Museum, plus his passion for food and farming, David digs deep to find compelling and informative stories. This project showcases over 2 years of research and involves David's passion of fun, food and farming - with lots of helpful information. 

Farm-City, State will document a monumental time in Austin, Texas. Urban farms are becoming more popular, restaurants and grocery stores are buying the produce, and the communtiy is growing immensely. The documentary will explore the present nature of this movement and how possible it would be for other cities to achieve similar goals.


What We Need & What You Get

YOUR SUPPORT! Your financial support will allow us to succeed in creating, finishing and distributing this film. 

The filmmakers have already donated equipment, their time, organizing and creating the schedule - we are running this film like a successful business! Now, we need your help.

Costs include: 

Film Insurance

Post Production funds - Editors and hard drives are expensive

We may have volunteers, but our crew needs to be paid for their efforts.

Creating a soundtrack, plus mastering all the interview and environment audio.

Distribution costs: We plan on taking this to the film festival circuit. Mastered DVD copies, shipping costs and applications need to be funded. 

Travel Expenses to and from all locations, plus supplies - batteries for audio/camera equipment/tape/oil and upkeep materials.


Check out our perks - signed DVDs, set visits, festival tickets, OR become part of the team and get Producer credits in the film. You can tell all your friends about the film you helped create. 


The Impact

Your financial contributions will allow the story to be shared widely - internationally even!:

This project will be document Austin and even the nation's present status with healthy food. Why and how is Austin different than everybody else? Is it easy or hard to gain access to healthy, organic food? We will explore and document all of this and share with you, Texas, the nation, and the world what is presently going on. You will be an important part of sharing Austin's singular status of potentially feeding itself, plus how one man's vision could be an answer to the food puzzle. Also, it takes a community to create in the modern age and we want you to be a part of this adventure.

Both the Producers and Directors of this project have successfully completed work for other Austin clients, plus for nationally known organizations like National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, INHD, HDNet and more! 

The difference between this only reaching Austinites, or the entire world - is your generous contributions. Let's show how Austin is different than everybody else and how we can lead the charge in activism, thought and 'keeping it weird!'


Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute financially - please share this fun foodie project! We hope that other cities can follow along Austin's model that it is currently creating. Share on your Twitter, blog, web site, Facebook, or snail mail - SHARE IT!

If you share it this campaign, and those people donate - you receive credit as well. The more credits equals the more clout you have with our film - meaning you may become a vital part of this film as well. 

You can also use the Indiegogo share tools on the page with our campaign.

That's about it. Please contact farmcitystate@gmail.com with any questions, comments or concerns. 

You can also follow us on Twitter: @farmcitystate and like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Farm-City-State/337396126353931

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