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So, I am about to start my compost pile for my own garden. I have all of the neccessary means to have a fantastic one, but my dilemma is the construction of the container. I could just go buy the big plastic bins, but I feel like there is a more earth sound and economic way. I live in a downtown space, but have a large concreate area behind me that I will be using. Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated!

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By far the cheapest is using 4 pallets. This also gives you the perfect size for a pile. You can buy metal fastner strips at the hardware store (in both L or straight and in different sizes) for about $10 or just use thin bits of wood to hold things together. But you do need to make sure it's a sound construction or the pressure of the materials will push the pallets outwards.

The fourth pallet should be fastened using hook-and-eyes so that you can remove this "gate" to turn the pile. 


Two great resources for all the wonderful things you can compost (absolutely everything that was once living or growing):




PM me if you have any questions! 

Thank you!! All very helpful suggestions.

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