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I've sent off for a catalog, though I will most likely order online. Thing is, I can't decide if it's better to order chicks, eggs, or pullets. Well, no. Pullets cost too much to ship. So, chicks or eggs? Why?

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Hi, Jana! I reposted your question on HOMEGROWN's Facebook page, and it prompted a few responses. Hope these are helpful!

  • Paula Dyer Lorenz It cost time and money to incubate eggs. Your local feed store probably has chicks.
  • Janet Jinkner Pullets. If you're just starting, its easier to start with mature critters. Pullets are more forgiving than chicks, and eggs can be difficult. Rather than ordering from online, see if there is someone local with chickens who would see you 4 - 6 pullets. (If she lived around here, I have lots of excess hens right now, and my neighbor often gives chickens away because they do so well there.)
  • Alan M Harris We buy chicks (15 coming in in the morning to be exact) It takes longer to get eggs than buying pullets, but we enjoy the experience of raising them.

I think I like Janet's idea best. 15-25 chicks (the minimum order) equals a lot more birds than I actually need... and eggs might mean roosters.  Sadly, I don't live near her, so no free birds. I'll check around on who has some for sale, given I only want 3-5. Thanks!

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