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Buying From Family Farmers 101: Find CSAs, Farmers Markets and More

We get asked often: "Is there a place to find CSAs and farmers markets in my area?"

We're happy to answer: "Why, yes. Yes, there is!"

From the Farm Aid web site:

Find Family Farmed Food

Bob cram shops at his local farmers market.

The following organizations allow you to search for farmers markets, CSAs, u-pick farms and farm stands—all great ways to find family farmed food.

Farmers' markets

Farmers' markets sell fresh, local foods at very competitive prices. Buying food directly from family farmers means that your food dollar not only supports independent businesses, but your food dollar stays in your local economy. A growing body of evidence demonstrates a dollar spent on a locally owned business circulates two to four times more in the community compared to that same dollar spent on an equivalent non-local business.


Community-Supported Agriculture (CSAs) are local farms that allow you to buy a "share" of the harvest in advance in order to receive weekly packages of seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the entire growing season. One option is to join a CSA with a group of friends or neighbors to split the cost—and bounty—of a full share. Many CSAs also offer half shares.

U-pick farms

U-pick farms allow you to pick your own fruits and vegetables, usually for a set price by the bushel or pint. U-pick farms are usually berry or orchard growers.

Farm stands

Farm stands are roadside stands where you can buy produce directly from farmers. Some farm stands also sell meats, baked goods and processed foods. Large farm stands can resemble stores and do not always sell local goods—check the labels or ask if you aren't sure.

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