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I have been putting up beans like crazy.  We love to open a jar in the winter and cook them up with bacon. That got me thinking and that is never good.


Can I take a step out and put the bacon in before I process?  Has anyone ever done this and been successful?  And if so what process did you use.



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If you are talking about adding the bacon for flavoring like you would do in a crock pot the answer is definately yes. I use salt pork, smoked jowl, bacon or whatever I have when I can beans. Just throw it in the jar along with the beans when you can them and eliminate the step after you pen the jar. All I do is heat the beans up and eat em! Just make sure you process them for at least 75 minutes (pints) or 90 minutes (quarts) because of the meat.
If you're talking about green beans you can add the bacon during the processing, but I don't recommend it...not the same as it is when you fry it up fresh first and then add the green beans.  When I process dry beans I almost always add some salt pork, bacon, smoked hock....


My bad.....I had dried beans in mind and didn't read the post well enough. As I said, meat flavoring in canned dried beans is fine. However, I agree with Lynda that the bacon wouldn't be the same in the green beans as it would in the skillet or pan. Besides, having to pressure can the beans more than twice as long due to the meat would likely make them too mushy for your liking.





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