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Advice needed. Im not sure what I should do or if I should do anything?

I purchased baby chicks in Feb.  and thought I had a rooster with them but we sexed it wrong and so I ended with 15 girls.  I Have a mixed flock of both large and bantam (more large)My boyfriends grandfather and I went to an auction yesterday.  I bought one Australorp rooster born in March.  He purchased two silkies. (Thought he got one male one female) BOTH ROOS!!  Now I have 3 roos and my GIRLS are chasing and biting at my young australorp and one of the silkie roos.  Plus that same silkie roo is biting on the neck of the young australorp.  The poor young australorp only wants to be accepted.  He tries to walk over into the group but they chase him away.  He stands alone. How  do I get them accepted by my girls and what should I watch for when deciding if and which one of the silkie roos to get rid of?   

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Hi, Cindy! I'm sorry to hear your flock is going through some junior-high-style growing pains. Adolescence. Ugh. If you haven't already, you might re-post this question in the Backyard Chickens group, too. (I think you're already a member there, right?) Fingers crossed folks will have some good advice!

Hi Cindy! I havent had this issue with a rooster, but I have with a Polish hen, as she is more meek than her "girlfriends".  They pecked and pecked and yanked out a tailfeather! I pulled her from the flock for a few days, and then reintroduced her. From there, it was fine. But Ive also heard that you can reintroduce them into the flock (but still keep them a safe distance) by utilizing a crate (like a roomy dog crate) that way they are cohabitating but not in full contact yet.  Once theyre familiar, then release the bullied bird back into the flock and see how it goes.

Good luck! 

But its not just one bird all my girls are chasing the Australorp   I think its just cuz he is younger. They dont mess with him when he is with the white silkie roo.  They chase the brown silkie away also.  My white silkie seems to be able to get under the shade tree with them but the other roos hang with him.  So all the girls run away. It is like at a jr. high dance roos on one side the girls on the other.  Love how you worded that Jennifer. Since you added the jr high adolescence terminology.  I see more and more of it. It makes it a little humorous.  

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