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HOMEGROWN Fantasies: What would you do with one acre of land? Five acres?

How would you use your space? You choose the climate / location - it's a fantasy!

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On one acre I'd have a small off the grid house maybe a "tiny house", chickens, veggie and herb gardens, orchard and a pygmy goat or two. Right now that's all I can imagine me handling.

The "Open Barn" Celebration at Celebrity Dairy


sounds like a wonderful idea for all the Pfanns!
Open barns are something I'd love to replicate ... including poetry climbing routes available to all!!!
Cassandra said:
On one acre I'd have a small off the grid house maybe a "tiny house", chickens, veggie and herb gardens, orchard and a pygmy goat or two. Right now that's all I can imagine me handling.

Precious Handling!

I have 10 acres in north western WA state, and a about half of it is forest or mountain with trees. About 20 years ago it was clear cut on the mountain - very sad. However, it has grown back very nicely and has a lot of alder and birch and maple, and some wonderful grand firs and douglas firs and sitka spruces starting back up. I must say that I love the trees, just love them. We also have a good number of young western redcedars. A neighbor down the way is a tree farmer, which is very interesting. A GREAT book you will love along these lines is called Some Branch Against the Sky. Man I love that book. Trees are actually essential wind and weather guards, and although they take a long time to come to the point of harvest, and it is a hard decision to responsibly cut down a tree, it is a good thing in its right time. If you care I have a blog about my experiences here: http://marginalgarden.blogspot.com/

Tom Donaldson said:
I've always had a thing for trees... amazing things these trees.

I been researching the idea of forest gardens. Sounds like a neat idea for sustainable food production. I first read about this in a book called "1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus ". It discussed a bit about how the Native Americans managed the forests for food production. And check out "Geoff Lawton's Permaculture Food Forest" on YouTube.

If I had an acre I'd like to see what I could do with it.

With 5 acres I'd try it on a larger scale.
how about 1/10th of an acre in a downtown neighborhood? http://thomasonfamilyfarm.blogspot.com
My garden is 5,600 square feet -- not counting my 20 hops plants that are grown on the other side of my house. My kids used to take produce down to the produce store and made pretty good money each summer -- several hundred dollars. They're all grown now except my youngest who will graduate this year and go on to college, so I've got to find something to do with much of my garden or else let it go back to grass. I'm a homebrewer, and as I said, I grow my own hops. Since you mention that you grow barley, that might be something for me to consider. Can you provide any details such as how you keep the weeds out of a field of grain, how you harvest, how you dry that much grain, any equipment you use for malting, etc.

As for what I would do with one acre, or five acres -- with one acre, I'd consider planting those special trees (can't recall what type, but I think they might be a form of poplar) that you cut down for firewood and another tree sprouts from the old trunk, and you can get maybe six or eight cuttings from them. The established root system helps the new tree grow faster. With five acres, I'd consider livestock of some sort.


Bill Velek
... or ... Club ZENyatta !!! :-D


Sherri said:
There's a rock climbing shop in Seneca Rocks (it's near Almost Heaven!) West Virginia that I'd love to replicate ... everyone remembers the friendly atmosphere there, how a pot of bean soup was always ready - steaming and delicious - for hungry patrons. I'd add a small open area for stretching, a few walls with climbing holds marked with haiku-poem-routes ("Physical Graffiti"!) of all difficulty levels so everybody could "warm up" together, space to silently meditate, and space for music makers too ... :-)

Outside there'd be a nice garden and greenhouse, fruit and nut trees, chickens, rabbits, goats, etc ... :-)

Plus there'd be room for an occasional musical concert ... :-)

AND ... the name of this "Homegrown Fantasy" would be ...


Oh my gosh. Five acres I would have a little community housing area for family and an organic community garden. I've traveled a bit but always come home to Oregon. Good farmland. It would have a trout pond on it and a half acre of christmas trees for the tax write off. I would upgrade the digs for my seventeen hens (who already have a pretty nice home). There would be a community kitchen where canning and jamming and shared meal preparation would occur. I've got two thirds of an acre now, so have to go for the five acres. lol. Thanks for the fantasy flight.
Wow...what great reads all..thanks so much.
5 Acres!!...well a tiny house of maybe 580 sq ft. would like it to be log hand hewed by yours truly ...then some ducks and chickens...a barn for my milk goats! I think I would set aside and area for fruit and nut trees...not many...a nice veggie and herb garden...some left in pasture for the goats...the rest in standing timber for the fire place,woodstove and wildlife....plus a lot of bird feeders!
Oh what a great dream this is...and will be someday soon...but now if I only had 10 acres!...yea!

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