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Traditionally we've always just gone up to Wal-mart or Home Depot to buy seeds (generally Burpee), but the more I read about some of Monsanto's (who bought out Burpee) questionable practices, the more I'm interested in just getting back to the basics.

I've been looking around the Baker Creek website, and am curious whether anyone around here has ordered from them. They have a great rating from "Garden Watchdog". If you've ordered from them, what varieties did you grow, how did they do?

Besides Baker Creek, can you suggest any other reputable and cost effective companies I can take a look at? Thank you!

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Territorial Seeds, Siskiyou Seeds, and Horizon Herbs are all great smaller companies that cater to the Pacific Northwest. 

I ordered all of my seeds from Bakers Creek last year.  The currant tomatoes are amazingly sweet and prolific.  Unfortunately the deer got to most of my greens, but all grew well.  The squash were a hit also!  I tried several varieties of white, orange, and red watermelons, never disappointing!  Happy Gardening!

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