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Traditionally we've always just gone up to Wal-mart or Home Depot to buy seeds (generally Burpee), but the more I read about some of Monsanto's (who bought out Burpee) questionable practices, the more I'm interested in just getting back to the basics.

I've been looking around the Baker Creek website, and am curious whether anyone around here has ordered from them. They have a great rating from "Garden Watchdog". If you've ordered from them, what varieties did you grow, how did they do?

Besides Baker Creek, can you suggest any other reputable and cost effective companies I can take a look at? Thank you!

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BBBseed specializes in only heirloom and organic veggie seeds as well as OP wildflowers. They are small, family-owned in Colorado.

small, family owned amazing seed company. specialize in seed for high altitude conditions for any of you mountain growers out there!
These folks also have heirloom seeds and say theirs are GMO and hybrid free - http://www.survivalistseeds.com/OUR_SEEDS.php
I wish Seeds of Change hadn't been bought out by the Mars Candy Corporation. I'm using their seed this year, but I don't feel comfortable in the long term getting my seed from some big multinational corp. Who knows what they'll do?...strike some backroom deal with Monsanto?
I had NO idea that Seeds of Change was bought by Mars Candy. You are right, who really knows...
Yeah, I had a hard time believing it at first when someone told me that about 3 months ago on a different blog. Apparently this occurred many years ago too. I typed Seeds of Change and Mars Corporation into google and got about 20 hits. Check it out for yourself.
I'll put in a plug for the desert. http://www.nativeseeds.org grows their own seeds here in AZ. You can successfully grow many of their plants outside of desert regions. This season, my mom is growing some squash outside of Boston with seeds I harvested two years ago. They also carry some cool plants used for dyes (indigo, sunflower, amaranth).

I'm also trying a couple of seed exchanges for the first time this year.
I've ordered an grown too many to name. I'm VERY satisfied with my experience.
Additional seed source: www.bountifulgardens.org By John Jevons(Grow More Vegetables)
Heirloom, Untreated, Open-Pollinated Seeds

I maintain a facebook page (Stems n Roots) with photoshots if your interested in following some of my Baker Creek harvest.
How's the garden coming?  I use Mary's Heirloom Seeds.

I was looking into heirloom seeds as well, and I found this helpful site with lists and lists of info on Heirloom seeds.

To answer your question, here is a list of heirloom seed companies:

The Heirloom Vegetable Gardener's Assistant


I have been looking at Baker Creek for my winter order. I have heard great things and look forward to trying them out for myslef

Baker Creek is great - we've gotten heirloom pumpkins from them and were very happy. Farm Aid did a Farmer Hero profile on Jeremiah Gettle, who founded the company when he was 17 http://www.farmaid.org/site/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=qlI5IhNVJsE&...

I've also purchased seed potatoes from Wood Prairie in ME and some seeds from D. Landreth.

I love Baker Creek and Seed Savers.  I also recently "discovered" Landreth seeds.  They've been in business since 1784 and sell only heirloom seeds.  Due to a lawsuit, they've been trying to raise funds and are selling their catalogs for $5 each.  Best $5 I've spent in a long while.  Loads of information on the seeds listed.  I can't wait to get garlic and blue potatoes from them and start growing!

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