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Plants For Indoor Gardening

Last month we moved into a new apartment in Toronto. I love gardening, we had a beautiful garden in our old house. But here, we don't have…

Started by Billie K. Horak

1 Jun 29
Reply by Oliva Shouse

Home loan...

Hey, I'm in trouble! I have a home loan of $46k, I paid off almost 75%of it.I bought my home in 2009 and now it worth about $165k.My curren…

Started by Ems John Grek

0 Jun 28

Keeping Household Items in Storage Unit

Hello all,I'm Billie and I just retired from my job recently. Now my plan is to shift to a retirement home. I mean, I don't have a family h…

Started by Billie K. Horak

0 Jun 19

Keep cats out of our Garden!

Anyone have any great ideas on keeping cats out of the garden? Our two cats have been using it as a litter box! Looking for some natural (n…

Started by kristin clapper

6 Jun 7
Reply by Oliva Shouse

Garden tools storage...

Hey, my hubby is planning to create a garden shed on his own. I mean he has got some DIY plans.Currently, I don't feel it is very crucial t…

Started by Pearlly Linda Wells

0 Apr 1

Removing Old Water Heater

I have an old water heater in the utility closet in my laundry room. It's been there since I bought the house. Never used it ever before. D…

Started by Billie K. Horak

0 Apr 1

Electrical Wiring upgrade

Hello all,Moved into a new house last week. It is a two story with a full basement. The house was built two years back. But the wiring in t…

Started by Billie K. Horak

0 Mar 29


Hi, this is the very beginning of my forum posting history here! I just moved to our new home. My dream home accompanied by a beautiful bac…

Started by Ems John Grek

0 Mar 15

Need advice to repair an old tennis court

Hello there all, I'm here to get a few recommendations for the old tennis court in our property. We acquired an old villa close to Toronto.…

Started by Roman Pickrell

0 Feb 20

How Do You Know It's Time To Replace Your Windows?

Window replacement is not something most homeowners look forward to. Most of the time we only decide it’s time to put new windows in when t…

Started by Billie K. Horak

1 Feb 20
Reply by Roman Pickrell




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