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6 hours ago
Diane Fallon commented on Jenni's blog post 'Drying basil in the microwave'
"Oven drying on the lowest temp. turned my basil very dark. Flavor and aroma just weren't there.  So, I tried the microwave technique on reduced power. Basil stayed nice and green but the paper towels turned wet and smelled strongly of…"
12 hours ago
jim turner replied to Troy Anderson's discussion 'What to do with all the hot peppers?'
"I used 1/2 cup Morton's canning salt to 1 gallon 5% acidity vinegar  -- I made up brine and put in whole jalapenos and weighted them down.They started turning brownish  overnight-  looks like they are starting to pickle-…"
14 hours ago
HOMEGROWN.org posted a status
"What's for dinner this weekend? Shrimpburgers! Get the recipe & more farm-share-friendly ideas in the new CSA Cookoff: http://j.mp/1tnREkS"
19 hours ago
Erika S. Haines posted a photo

My first grape

picked up off the ground by mother near the grape vines. tasted a little bitter but a little sweet. seeded.Angry Bitch/Grumpy Grrl/Slower Than Liquor brand wine soon to come!
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HOMEGROWN.org posted a photo

CSA Cookoff: Shrimpburgers with Sage and Sweet Chili Sauce

CSA COOKOFF: WHAT CAME IN LAST WEEK’S FARM SHARE & HOW WE USED ITA hearty thanks to World Peas, the awesome food hub that feeds me and hundreds of other New…
richard maxwell posted photos
richard maxwell commented on richard maxwell's photo

square baling

"im keeping it all, there predicting another cold long winter this year, im hoping to be alittle more prepared this year"
Jennifer commented on John F. Houpt II, PhD's status
"Whoooooeeeee! That's a hot one! Sounds like you're making good use of it, though."
Richard Wilts replied to natalie martinkus's discussion 'Canning: Oven vs. Water-Bath'
"Hi . this is how i can tomatoes,dill pickles and peppers--i heat the oven to 250 degrees -then i prepare the tomatoes in the jars ,place them in the oven for 70 minutes  at 250 degrees,,pickles at 250 degrees for 60 minutes,,cherry peppers at…"
Mary Vivit replied to HOMEGROWN.org's discussion 'Homemade Soymilk 101'
"I've had great luck with the oats, too, David: a much better product and smoother taste. Alas, my soymilk maker has given up the ghost, so I'll probably try this method. I did see instructions somewhere for making soymilk using a pressure…"

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What's for dinner this weekend: shrimpburgers! Get the recipe, plus more ways to put your farm share to use, in the latest CSA Cookoff

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