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1 hour ago
Mary Lou Russo commented on Mary Lou Russo's photo

Cedar Transplant

"Awesome, a good friend of mine did that for years and actually made the entire side yard moss. It was so soft and cushionie (made it easy on the bum when parties were really good at their place,lol:). They lived in the woods too, but they had been…"
1 hour ago
Mary Lou Russo commented on Mary Lou Russo's photo

Road Side Wildflowers

"OMG, Jennifer I am so excited I actually posted pics!!!! I have no idea what these flowers are. They came from the road side is all I know at this point. All of the flowers on the property are either transplants from other areas of the property or a…"
1 hour ago
Jennifer commented on Mary Lou Russo's photo

Cedar Transplant

"Mary Lou: What a good plant forager you are! I've been gathering moss lately myself, but I'm not sure where I'm going to put it yet. Somewhere shady ..."
2 hours ago
Jennifer commented on Mary Lou Russo's photo

Road Side Wildflowers

"Gorgeous! Are those purple echinacea in there? (And yep, Henry is just as pretty as the flowers!)"
2 hours ago
Mary Lou Russo posted photos
2 hours ago
Jennifer commented on Pam Joseph's blog post 'Progressing towards an edible balcony'
"Pam: Thanks so much for the update! Radiant heat from the patio does seem useful, and planting things in pots that can chase the sun seems very smart. And what good news about the worm towers! I haven't tried those myself, but I'm…"
7 hours ago
Janet Buechler replied to HOMEGROWN.org's discussion 'Homemade Mustard 101'
"I definitely will try it.  I don't care for plain yellow mustard unless a recipe calls for it as a seasoning. And we prefer the stronger mustards.  I just can't handle pure heat.  So we are anxious to try it!"
7 hours ago
Jennifer replied to HOMEGROWN.org's discussion 'Homemade Mustard 101'
"Hi, Janet! Yep, it's INTENSE. In a good way, I think—but for folks looking for the equivalent of yellow grocery store mustard, this isn't it. It's strong and spicy, more in a horseradish way than in a hot-hot way. Would be great…"
8 hours ago
Dyan Redick commented on Erika S. Haines's status
"Reminds me of that great movie with Anthony Hopkins "The Fastest Indian". He had a lemon tree that grew very well! "
Jennifer commented on Erika S. Haines's status
"Love it! But Dyan, remind me to call before I show up at your farm unannounced. Wouldn't want to catch you with your pants—well. You know. (Insert racuous cackle here.)"
Dyan Redick commented on Erika S. Haines's status
"Pee on it! LOL. Seriously, there are a lot of articles on the acidity of soil for citrus trees. Using a vinegar solution, or something else to get the Ph to where it needs to be might do the trick. Urine is one source, many others. Some folks…"

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